We create spaces that increase the quality of your life and improve your bottom line.


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Architecture is at the heart of our business – from feasibility studies to technical documentation and construction, we offer the full-scale of architectural services for commercial and private clients. We deliver the best product for you, and we make sure it’s within your budget, on time and stress-free.


Based on years of experiences in the design industry we develop and design branded spaces for retail properties that reflect your company culture and support your business. We help you attract your target customers and retain effective workers. The result is a better bottom line.


The interior of your home is the soul of your property. Carta Nova is known for its holistic approach to building that secures the perfect synergy between external and internal spaces. We love working on residential projects and embrace contemporary design and a clean aesthetic. With unmatched technical know-how we ensure that your property is of the high quality that makes you feel at home.


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For potential clients, we offer a free consultation.

The free consultation includes:

  • initial meeting at the property
  • discussion of your ideas and how we can work together
  • discussion on budget and fees

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'Carta Nova' is Latin for new paper. Every job starts with an idea on a piece of paper.

We believe that design should make your life easier. And it should be fun--while we work with you and later on, when you work, play, enjoy, live in your space.

We employ a holistic design approach to buildings and their interior, taking into account the people who use them and the surrounding context.

We work together with you to come up with an idea that serves as the foundation. Based on this we design your building and its interior, from the facade to the coffee cup. We then make this design reality.

Throughout the process you always have only one contact person. We don’t believe in an artificial split between disciplines. That means the process is smooth without friction loss from too many involved parties.

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Evelina Vatzeva founded Carta Nova to expand the boundaries of architecture to help individuals and companies to develop their living and working spaces and improve their bottom line.

Born in Bulgaria, trained in Germany and now based in London, Eva gained versatile experiences in the European and UK architectural environment over the past 15 years. Her background spans offices in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK, the magazine DETAIL and some theatre houses such as the Münchner Kammerspiele.

This diversity of background is reflected in the way we work. With a sensible approach to every client’s wishes we offer bespoke solutions, a simple working process and open communication

I speak three languages and understand design.